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Something More Than Rock and Roll

Music is one of the activities that uses all parts of the brain. Pythagoras, Platon and Aristotle, were all aware of the therapeutic powers of music. Einstein himself said that the reason he was so intelligent is that he played the violin. Many experts also believe that the rhythm of music has the calming effect on us even if we are not very aware of it.

Rock is a musical genre. It is famous for the meaning that the lyrics of the music that integrates it. But in it, you can express an endless number of things, including feelings, happiness or sadness, memories; even philosophy also takes over this area with some groups.

The Birth of Rock

This musical genre was born in the 20th century. The same derives from “Rock and Roll” in addition to other styles of music, among which we can mention, country, gospel, jazz and blues, mainly the last named since it is a very fast style.

The instruments that are part of the rock are in most cases, the drums, the bass, the guitar and in some occasions they also do also the keyboards or pianos. Nowadays you might even seem some bands using the best electronic drum kits on the market to mix up their style and get more variety. There are sites like ElectronicDrumKitReviews.net dedicated to helping out rock musicians. Rock, over the decades, has suffered combinations with other genres such as those previously mentioned.

These fusions gave results to different styles, so rock + folk music, was the folk rock; Another one of the many cases is the sum of the blues and the jazz with the rock driving in blues rock and jazz-rock, respectively. In this way, the evolution of this style evolved and appeared several subgenera, among the most outstanding Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Trash Metal in the 1980s and, in 1990 Grunge was born.

With this story on the back but without so many details, which we will delve into, the rock would be nothing without its stars. These began to shine in the year 1954, where the young Elvis Presley arrives to record a song considered according to the Rolling Stone magazine the first one within the Rock and Roll, in the same way, this singer began its way within the musical scope.

In 1960, the rock genre strengthened with appearances by bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and other groups. This phenomenon was known as the British invasion. Also, these groups are joined by Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin among others who are nowadays groups quite heard among the community, who like these artists and style of music. So with more groups submerged to the genre ended the decade with the subgenres psychedelic rock and progressive rock and began the ’70.

Different Types of Rock Music

1. Beat: here are those rock and roll bands composed of four or five members who emerged from the 1960s in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

2. Blues-rock: this combines the genre of rock and roll with the blues. In this one, there is a protagonist of the electric guitar and arises in the ’60 in the USA and England.

3. Country-rock: here combines rock and roll with country music, typical of the Americans who lived in the countryside and who were part of working class.

4. Garage: Arises in the ’60 of those North American groups that imitated English bands in their garages.

5. Glam rock: This classification of the rock is noisy. It was born by young people who sought to be the alternative to rock with beards. It appeared in the ’70s and its director’s used garish clothes and alluded to sexual ambiguity.

6. Hard Rock: derived from rock-blues in the late 60’s and used technological advances such as recording techniques, pedals, and amplifiers to acquire density and weight and thus achieve more aggressive impulses.

7. Heavy: bands that are part of this style use resources such as heavy rhythms and guitars, high volumes, blinding lights, loud voices and explosions.

8. Progressive Rock: Most of its musicians are veterans of psychedelic rock who take elements of classical music and jazz to perform major works. These bands emerge in the decade of the ’60s.

9. Psychedelic Rock: This style of music is not used to dance but to listen with great attention. What their artists are trying to do is produce something similar to the sensory distortions caused by hallucinogenic drugs but from the sound. This music is also called under the name of acid.

10. Punk: This way of doing rock starts in the mid-70’s. It’s amateur and independent style that seeks to generate an aggressive and noisy sound environment. This style is very popular in skins groups.

Famous rock bands through the years

A new era begins for the year 1970 where more styles would join the existing ones. Here follow Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple next to Black Sabbath in addition to other groups arises Heavy Metal. Now, around this genre, there is a well-known phrase that emerges in this decade, “Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll” that sits through the American Tour tour by the Rolling Stones in 1972.

Other bands were born, like Queen, with the Hard Rock, Progressive Rock and the Glam Rock as well as The Ramones who began with Punk Rock. Among the genres cited, the American group Aerosmith jumps to fame in the universe of music entering a mix between Hard Rock and Funky. In this decade, the 1970s, new groups like Iron Maiden and new styles like Electronic Rock, Gothic Rock, Industrial, emerged in the final stage of the 1970s and early 1980s.

From the ’80s Bon Jovi, Europe, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Duran Duran, and Guns N’ Roses appear, artists and groups gain renown in this time with numerous successes. The Trash Metal began with groups like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Sepultura and Pantera among others.

A new era begins with the arrival of the year 1990, where Black Metal, Death Metal, Rock Fusion, Rock, Metal, Punk and fusion with rap and funk styles are born. So also has Grunge, with the release of the album “Nevermind” by the American group, Nirvana. Later joined by Nickelback, The Smashing Pumpkins.

There are many groups that form this style of music that combines feeling, philosophy, and culture. Rock is a genre that can absorb others and form new ones adapting to the times and perpetuating itself in history.

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The History of Rock and Roll

There’s no clear date on exactly when rock and roll started, no historian can actually ascertain the actual date. The term rock and roll itself has an underlying sexual meaning, which is self-explanatory. The term evolved from the blues genre and quickly gathered popularity as soon as it started. As with any other genre, rock and roll have evolved to its present day status. With different opinions on exactly where and who started rock music, the general consensus being that it started from black popular music such as RnB and gospel music. Popular disc jockey of the 1950s coined the term itself. He was renowned for promoting RnB within the non-African American community.

In 1955, rock and roll made huge strides with its first major hit from Bill Halley and his track, “Rock Around The Clock”. Many other African-American musicians soon came up, such as: Little Richard and Chuck Berry. Later in 1956, the rock world is introduced to now legend, Elvis Presley with his chart-topping “Heartbreak Hotel” consequently becoming the first artist to have nine singles in the Hot 100 at one time. Bob Dylan at this time became an integral part of the rock and roll music scene with his use of poetry to make simple songs.

The 1960s saw the rise of British rock bands and by 1964, American musicians and British artists were sharing top slots in the charts. The Rolling Stones, YardBirds, and the Animals became popular across London. The Beatles became worldwide sensations. This was also the age of socially conscious music and also the age of bubblegum rock for radio audiences. The psychedelic era, catapulted by the hippie era also crept up with artists such as Velvet Underground and the Fugs. At this time American artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Jolin became hits.

Country rock was big in the 1970s with bands such as the Eagles taking the scene. Led Zeppelin greatly contributed to the heavy metal and hard rock genre. The psychedelic and hippie movement was also growing. Pink Floyd, the Sex Pistols, and the Clash being major contributors to the now punk movement. A lesser known style of industrial rock also came up at this period, with groups like Pere Ubu being pioneers.

Punk rock continued its dominance in the 1980s. A new style also evolved at this time called alternative rock, this style was also known as indie rock. However, they were not popular usually signing to smaller labels. Towards the end of the 80s, the style had gained popularity with Billboard creating its own Indie chart in 1988.

This style was now popular and in 1991 Nirvana began its ascension. Other bands such as Soundgarden also came up. Grunge bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Foo Fighters gained relevance and reenergized mainstream rock. Heavy metal bands such Metallica and Guns and Roses were also making waves at the time.

In the 21st century bands such as Linking Park and 3 Doors Down began to embody the spirit of their 60s predecessors. The emergence of computers and software changed the progression of the rock genre.

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